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How To Make Money Online Using StumbleUpon (eng)

Posted by vans25 on June 8, 2010

StumbleUpon.com is a great place to score a ton of traffic to your blog, blog posts, web site and web pages. Unfortunately though, a lot of people insist on believing that stumbleUpon traffic is useless traffic.  I’ll agree to some extent, it can be useless if you’re not properly taking advantage of the exposure. However, the truth of the matter couldn’t be any more opposite.

The question to ask yourself is this, “How Can I Harness The Power of  StumbleUpon Traffic?” I aim to answer that question in this free report and I also aim to provide you with a solution to the common complaint about how
StumbleUpon traffic simply doesn’t convert into money.

The cycle of this process is very simple. What typically happens is bloggers will write something really cool or interesting and have it submitted into StumbleUpon resulting in thousands and thousands of visits in a very short, clustered and quick time frame. The problem that people face is that the content or the theme of the story being submitted into StumbleUpon isn’t something that generates sales, leads or even Google AdSense clicks for that matter. Many people feel like it is utterly useless traffic that does nothing but
waste bandwidth. While I’ll agree with this an an extent, I am also going to disagree. With this free report free report I will explain to you, and most importantly, show you how you can make money online using StumbleUpon.com.

The above article is a fragment of an article written by Garry Conn, which tells how to make money online using a website that is StumbleUpon.
For more details of the article, you can download it for free here.
Click the download link to get it.

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